Here we will post commentary to investigations, our personal views and thoughts in regards to the paranormal and attempt to help others with any questions they may have. We do not profess to be the experts. Truth is, we don't believe anyone in this feild has the right to call themselves "experts". The spiritual and paranormal realms are very mysterious and in some aspects probably meant to stay that way. We do know that spirits want to communicate. We do know that with today's technology commuincation with that realm is a reality. FEAR is the absence of knowledge. Let us "learn" together and marvel at the possibilities.


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Types of Hauntings and Classes of Spirits

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (4459)

OOokay, so here’s the Biggie: Types of Hauntings and Types of Spirits.

At this point I feel it’s necessary to again stress the fact we DO NOT claim to be experts. In fact we respect and welcome the opinion of any other Paranormal Researchers in the field, however different from our own they may be. This is just a collection of OUR conclusions based on OUR experiences.

Haunting can fall into one (or sometimes two) of the following categories.

Residual: These hauntings are the stuff of legend. Ever hear a local story about a haunted railroad and a Ghost Lantern can be seen swinging? Or a haunted house where at night you can hear the scream of a lady as she plummets to her death? These are examples of a Residual Haunting. Negative energy is literally blasted into the atmosphere, causing it to imprint or record the events. Like a looped tape, it will play the events over and over again. The entities involved in this residual haunting activity are unaware of their surroundings. This is not an intelligent haunting, there is no interaction between you and the entity.

Intelligent: While we live, we have an energy aura that surrounds our living bodies. This aura is created by the millions of electrical currents that are created through our bodies. Our brains create brain waves, a form of pure energy that is transmitting our thoughts, what we see, what we feel, etc. When our mortal form dies, the aura that constantly surrounds our bodies, leaves us. Bodies lose 6 ounces on the instant of death. What is this 6 ounces? Perhaps it is energy leaving our body. Our soul. This energy, the aura, or you may even call it your soul, is carrying the information of what we used to be. If it can do this, then why couldn't it also carry our intelligence? If it can carry our former intelligence of our previous life, then it should be able to interact with us intelligently. When we see this aura, we call it a ghost. Spirits of an intelligent haunting can accurately answer questions and provide sentient communication.

Poltergesit Activity: Poltergeist activity is commonly believed to be caused by an adolescent teenager going through puberty stages. During this stage of development, a teenager can harbor an extreme amount of inner energy. This energy can be projected with the mind, which can cause tapping sounds, the movement of objects, lights flickering off and on. Poltergeist activity usually originates from a human being. This is a highly debated topic among Parapsychologist and there are many views as to what exactly causes poltergeist activity. EVP Mediums is not yet sure what exactly causes Poltergeist activity, but we do believe it revolves around a singular person.

Demonic Activity: Like other spirits, Demons or Malevolent Inhuman Spirits (MIS) are pure energy entities. The difference is, a demon has NEVER walked this earth in physical form, human or otherwise. As such, they are incapable of sympathy, empathy, love or any other positive energy. They are EXTREMELY dangerous. We can validate and attempt to move "Negative" or even lower level "Demonic" entities, but this is not our specialty. When confronted by Demons, we advise our clients to contact the proper professionals in the field who specialize in this type of entity. (Priests, shamans, etc.). While Gary is an ordained minister and apparently has certain authority over these entities, we do not believe ourselves qualified to handle such cases at this time.

Shadow People/Creature Activity: This is a type of haunting activity that has no real explanation. They are different from ghosts or demons. They are known to do things that are different from ghosts. They can move between walls, they have no human discernible features, except for a cloak and a hat or hood. People who encounter them describe a feeling of unnatural, consuming fear. A feeling of the purest, darkest evil. Much like a skunk emits an odor for protection, it appears that the Shadow man emits an energy force that causes absolute terror and often results in paralysis of the victim.
Shadow People have no discernible mouth, noses or facial expressions. Some are seen as child sized dark humanoids. Some people say they seem to be made up of dark smoke or steam. At times when they move, they appear to be moving on an invisible track from one place to another, such as a toy train on a track. They have been seen to hop or what appears to be a strange dance. Two common types of Shadow People are the ''Hat Man", that looks like it is wearing a 1930s fedora hat and the 'Hooded Figure'', which looks like the shadow person is wearing a hooded cloak. Many witnesses of the hooded figure have observed glowing red or yellow eyes. For some unknown reason, Shadow people appear to be attracted to people who are psychically gifted, such as clairvoyants and psychics. Why they target these individuals or what they want from them is unknown.

While we have taken the time to outline the five types of Hauntings, there are only two that we most commonly see: Residual and Intelligent Hauntings. Both of these are defined by the type of spirit involved: Human. Humans themselves can fall into two types of spirits: Earth-Bound and Crossed-Over.

Earth-Bound: Earth-Bound Spirits are human beings who at the moment of death did not (for what ever reason) go into the Light. Now we know there are some researchers in the field who do not believe in "The Light," but our EVP evidence suggests otherwise. Earthbound spirits retain the same personality as they did when they were in physical form. In other words, if a crotchety old man died and did not go into the light, his earthbound spirit will remain "Old and crotchety". He will dislike anyone living in "his" house and will attempt to communicate that dislike through noises or what ever means he is capable of expressing that dislike. Generally most "Ghosts" don't have the ability to move objects or close doors or cause a severe haunting. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to accomplish these feats. Earth bound spirits (For the most part) do not posses the ability to "read minds" or know your thoughts. However, there are always rare exceptions to that rule and perhaps a few have been able to master that ability. This is what we call an "advanced" earth bounds. (Extremely rare). We have not come across such an advanced earthbound thus far in our investigations, but there is always a possibility for a "First".

Crossed-Over: Upon death, if a soul has entered the Light we believe they have rejoined the "God source", Heaven or God's divine energy. That soul becomes part of everything and is capable of incredible knowledge. Those that have crossed over have the ability to read our thoughts. We have conducted EVP sessions without saying a word. Merely thinking our question to these spirits and have gotten a correct and loving response. (We have found there seems to be "rules" on what they are permitted to tell us however. A topic we will discuss at a later date.) Those that have crossed over are not capable of negative or damning thoughts. Only pure love radiates from these spirits. Likewise, we have conducted "Mental questioning" tests when conducting EVP sessions with earth bounds and they remained clueless to our questioning. It is on that basis, be believe Earth-Bounds are not capable of telepathy.

So there you have it. The defining characteristics of hauntings and spirits in a nutshell. We may end up adding more classifications to this list; we may also likewise remove a few as we progress on our quest for knowledge.


What is a Medium?

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What exactly are Mediums? The dictionary defines it as: “A person who can allegedly communicate with the dead.” But even that definition notwithstanding, there is another listed definition that may be a bit more basic: “one of the general channels of communication.”

People who are Mediums have a gift. They can sense the presence of the Spirit World and can sometimes directly communicate with it. We have a very gifted team member who can piece together the history or appearance of a location without ever having been to it before. We’ve also been privileged enough to meet a Medium who can hear individual words from the dead and answer back.

There are several types of Mediumship, defined very much as we would define the five senses.


Clairvoyance: To reach into another frequency and perceive in their mind’s eye visions of objects or places. People with this gift, like our team member, can form impressions about, say, a house before we even get in the car to go there.

Clairaudience: To perceive sounds, words or voices from the entities in the Spirit World without the use of recording equipment. This would be the type of psychic who can speak with the dead as easily as they can with you or I.

Clairscent: To smell the effect of something such as food, perfume, flowers or other odors without those objects actually being present.

Clairtangency: To be able to touch or hold an object and form impressions about the history of that object or the person who owned it. This gift is especially helpful for Mediums who are searching for someone.

Clairgustance: To be able to taste something without having it in one’s mouth. This is not a commonly exercised gift, but can be exploited by spirits with mal-intent.


All being said and done, there are a few more types of psychic Mediumship that sort of wrap-up the above listed senses or step outside that definition entirely. Clairsentience is to receive information or impressions using their whole body, just as a “feeling”. Much like a heightened tone of intuition. Also, Clairempathy, or someone who is an Empath, can just pick up the emotions of spirits. They can “feel” angry, or scared, or sad for no apparent reason. Sometimes they can’t even distinguish the spirit’s emotions from their own. It’s much like having the worst mood swings in history.

And then of course there’s Channeling. This is extremely dangerous and we can’t say it enough: DO NOT ATTEMPT this without the direct supervision of an experienced Medium and only after taking the necessary safety procautions. Channels open up their mind and body for temporary possession by Spirits. You can see where this may get dangerous. Spirits who possesses a person can certainly more easily pass messages along, but also may be reminded of the physical control of life and refuse to let go again. Or it may jump into a nearby spectator. This is not a process that is advised or pleasant, so please, do NOT attempt this.

We have fortunately had no need to use the services of a Channel, and intend to keep it that way.

We call ourselves EVP Mediums because we use recorded voices to connect the voices of the dead with the ears of the living. While some would call this practice “blasphemous” or “unholy”, we certainly don’t view ourselves this way. People who condemn something without trying to understand it first are controlled by fear. Fear is the absence of knowledge. Exploring the paranormal is much like exploring the sea: we know there are dangerous entities out there, but there’s also the most beautiful creatures known to exist. Avoid the sharks to see the coral reefs.

To this end, we have a basic principal we try to stick to: we only investigate houses and private residences who are in need of help. Going to well-documented, extremely haunted locations would be much like jumping into chummed-up water without a shark cage. We know there’s spirits who chose not to go into the Light. We know they’re angry and violent. Why would we put ourselves at risk knowing we can’t help them anyway?

Victims of a house haunting are in more direct need of help. They are NOT going crazy, and we WILL believe them. We have a Spiritual Healer and Pastor in our team that has crossed over many souls… and cleaned many houses. By communicating and gathering evidence with the haunting spirits, we can determine what kind of Haunting we are dealing with, and then recommend a course of action.


What are EVP's?

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (3725)

So what exactly is an EVP? EVP is an acronym for “Electronic Voice Phenomena”. The belief in the paranormal research field is that spirits or entities, while lacking physical equipment for traditional communication, can alter frequencies in radios, televisions, even background sounds like traffic or birds, to leave messages.

Spirits are composed of energy. It’s the same energy that keeps your heart beating, the same energy that the sun delivers to plants. That energy can “piggy-back” the sounds around us in attempts to amplify…Much in the same way a skateboarder uses momentum to achieve higher jumps.

So what next? Many people have camped out in a dark living room, hit “record” on their iPhone, asked a few questions, and are met with only silence.

It takes energy for spirits to answer. And even when they have it, they may not know how to use it. EVP recordings take time to analyze, filter through layers of ambient “white noise”, and what we are left with are stretched and distorted replies from the Other Side. Of our team, David and his children Chuck and Emily are the most gifted at picking out the voices. Once the audio is cleaned up, it’s easier for the rest of us to hear correctly.

There’s also a method known as “Radio Scan.” This is fairly self-explanatory and uses the same principal. We use a simple AM/FM radio with a manual knob dial. After asking a question, we take a minute or two to just randomly and constantly turn the dial across stations. Spirits can snag a word or phrase used by commercials, songs and talk show hosts to answer questions. This method, along with the Ghost Box (a machine that scans radio frequencies automatically), has one major advantage: often, you can hear responses immediately. Granted it can take a little while to get the hang of it, but the amount of time spent analyzing data is cut in half. Most of the time we can continue a conversation with a spirit without much delay.

Some groups are lucky enough to have access to a phonetic generator. This device, which is much quieter than radio scans or the Ghost Box, allows entities to manipulate energy fields to pluck words directly out of a pre-programmed library. Hopefully we can soon add one to our arsenal.


Now, EVP's can be classified into three distinct groups, known as "classes".

"Class A" EVP's are clear as a bell. Any person listening to the recording can easily and correctly identify the message. These are obviously what we get excited about... they tend to stun the skeptics!

"Class B" EVP's are a bit less clear. Listeners agree that there is indeed a recorded voice, but may disagree about what is being said.

"Class C" EVP's are barely audible. It may be a voice, it may be the audio equivalent to searching for shapes in clouds. You think you hear something abnormal, but can't begin to discern what it may be.


Basically, that's the skinny of it. We have team members who are excellent in sensing the presence of spirits, then others who are gifted in encouraging them to talk, and still others who can clean up their messages. We also manage to capture audible proof of the Spirit World more often than not. That's why we love doing what we do. It is never advisable, however, to just start recording without reading up on the subject. Like Ouija boards, speaking out to the dead can carry certain risks. Would you go around knocking on doors without knowing who was behind them? Take the necessary precautions: say a cleansing prayer before and after attempting communication, and sage your house often.


Stay safe and keep an open ear.

Listening to Whispers: Our Mission Statement

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (1820)


In an age where information is available at lightning speed at your fingertips, there are few real mysteries left to explore. Space, the Deep Sea, even the miracle of birth has been narrowed down to a science. The one great mystery we have left can be summed up in the memorable quote from J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan': "To die would be an awfully big adventure."
We believe that the only real Death is our ignorance. Your physical body my expire, may stop growing and start decaying, but the spirit, the essence that makes you YOU, that will never stop being. How arrogant of man to think that he knows so much, and has so little left to learn, that he would claim Death is final.
Many a-teenager has sat with friends around an Ouija Board in the dark, or held a recorder and asked questions of the silence with no real response. It's easy to become frustrated or worse, lose faith in the knowledge of the Afterlife. So why hasn't everybody captured evidence of the paranormal?
It's easy to forget that Spirits are still 'only human'. It's easy for them to become lost, angry, confused or scared. If we can bridge the gap that separtes the living reality from the Spirit reality, perhaps we can help answer their questions as well as ours. This is what we mean when we say we try to 'Cross Over' an entity.
There is an ultimate Love. Father, God, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah or Goddess Mother... whatever name your religion gives it, it is one and the same: Love. There is a place our souls go after this world, where there is unconditional peace. Some call it Heaven. No spirit should be denied this paradise, but if they are too overwhelmed or preoccupied, they may not see the door. If we help them find it, they can finally rest.
This is who we are. We have heard too many voices, captured too much evidence to be fooled by the nay-sayers. Today's skeptic requires hard proof: we search for it. Spirits require help communicating: we bridge that gap. And perhaps, most importantly, we require growth: stepping beyond our conditioned comfort zone is the only way to grow.


We are EVP Mediums. And we are always Listening...

A Biblical View of Ghosts

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (3136)

Perhaps, I am not  typical in my view points on Ghosts.  Too many Christians and churches have quickly dismmissed or perhaps mislabled the paranormal experience.  There are two common themes of the church when it comes to ghosts: "There is no such thing as ghosts," or "It is not a ghost, it is demonic." I would like to share my thoughts on both views.

First, it is dangerous for the church to arbitrarily dismiss the paranormal with such an incorrect boilerplate statement.  To deny the existence of ghosts would be to deny the third person of the Trinity. The Bible refers to this part of the Godhead as the, Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.  If the scriptue makes such a distinction as the, "Holy Ghost" then one can safely (and correctly) conclude that there are other ghosts or spirits that exists...However there is one that is Holy and is the very nature of God.  That must also mean that there are some that are not holy or even unholy..  Who are these ghosts?  If they are not holy then they must be demons, right?  Wrong! 

To say that every ghost that is not the Holy Ghost is a demon is wrong thinking.  Those ghosts that walk amongst us are simply the "spirits" of those that have departed and have not yet received an eternal body  or glorified body.  But that doesn't make them evil or demonic.  There are entities that are demonic and the existence of demons is very real.  There is scriptural evidence of demons and my belief is that these entities are fallen angels, who Satan or Lucifer (the Devil) is their chief.  

To be clear, there are ghosts and there are demons.  They do exist and the Bible makes reference on numerous occasions of their existence and their origins.  My encouragement to you who might not believe would be to open up your mind by opening up the scriptuerej.  I will write more later in greater depth on this matter.


Why I do this...

Posted on October 30, 2014 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (11201)

My father passed away when I was just 10 years old.  Then I lost my Garndparents in the late 90's early 2000.  I was raised a Christian and was taught there is a heaven and there is a hell.  I was told upon my dad's passing that it was "God's will" and that "Your dad lives on as long as you keep him in your heart"  (tough for a 10 year old kid to process).  Inside, I always felt as though my dad was in heaven.  That I would some day see him again.  And then, when my grandparents passed away, I told myself again, someday I will be with them.  But honeslty, I wasn't sure.  Let's face it, faith is a difficult thing for some people to have.  I am one of them.  While I do not profess to be a role model Christian, I have always felt God's presence.   I avoided church for various reasons.  None of which were for being too lazy to attend. Something just seemed "off" to me in regards to what was being preached.   

Regardless of what we believe or don't believe, evidence is very difficult to dismess.  This leads me to the beginning of my EVP passion.  The day I got a message from my grandparents and my dad, it changed my life forever.  Now, I am not oblivious as to how that sounds.  It sounds like I am a nut job.  Completely understandable and honestly I would have thought the same thing just a few short years ago if I saw a blog posting like this one.  

So I suppose that is why I am so passionate about what we do here at EVP Mediums.   I am compelled to present as much information as we can through the web and our video documented investigations to show mankind that the spiritual world is very much real.  If we can help one person who is suffering from the loss of a loved one to know that the light or "Heaven" is real and that they will be reunited with that loved one someday.  If we can help someone who is suffering from a "haunting" understand that they are not "crazy,"  then I can take all the nay-sayers and hecklers.  

I cannot speak for the rest of the team and what drives them, but I know I am blessed to have them by my side.