A Biblical View of Ghosts

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Perhaps, I am not  typical in my view points on Ghosts.  Too many Christians and churches have quickly dismmissed or perhaps mislabled the paranormal experience.  There are two common themes of the church when it comes to ghosts: "There is no such thing as ghosts," or "It is not a ghost, it is demonic." I would like to share my thoughts on both views.

First, it is dangerous for the church to arbitrarily dismiss the paranormal with such an incorrect boilerplate statement.  To deny the existence of ghosts would be to deny the third person of the Trinity. The Bible refers to this part of the Godhead as the, Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.  If the scriptue makes such a distinction as the, "Holy Ghost" then one can safely (and correctly) conclude that there are other ghosts or spirits that exists...However there is one that is Holy and is the very nature of God.  That must also mean that there are some that are not holy or even unholy..  Who are these ghosts?  If they are not holy then they must be demons, right?  Wrong! 

To say that every ghost that is not the Holy Ghost is a demon is wrong thinking.  Those ghosts that walk amongst us are simply the "spirits" of those that have departed and have not yet received an eternal body  or glorified body.  But that doesn't make them evil or demonic.  There are entities that are demonic and the existence of demons is very real.  There is scriptural evidence of demons and my belief is that these entities are fallen angels, who Satan or Lucifer (the Devil) is their chief.  

To be clear, there are ghosts and there are demons.  They do exist and the Bible makes reference on numerous occasions of their existence and their origins.  My encouragement to you who might not believe would be to open up your mind by opening up the scriptuerej.  I will write more later in greater depth on this matter.


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