What is a Medium?

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 9:30 AM

What exactly are Mediums? The dictionary defines it as: “A person who can allegedly communicate with the dead.” But even that definition notwithstanding, there is another listed definition that may be a bit more basic: “one of the general channels of communication.”

People who are Mediums have a gift. They can sense the presence of the Spirit World and can sometimes directly communicate with it. We have a very gifted team member who can piece together the history or appearance of a location without ever having been to it before. We’ve also been privileged enough to meet a Medium who can hear individual words from the dead and answer back.

There are several types of Mediumship, defined very much as we would define the five senses.


Clairvoyance: To reach into another frequency and perceive in their mind’s eye visions of objects or places. People with this gift, like our team member, can form impressions about, say, a house before we even get in the car to go there.

Clairaudience: To perceive sounds, words or voices from the entities in the Spirit World without the use of recording equipment. This would be the type of psychic who can speak with the dead as easily as they can with you or I.

Clairscent: To smell the effect of something such as food, perfume, flowers or other odors without those objects actually being present.

Clairtangency: To be able to touch or hold an object and form impressions about the history of that object or the person who owned it. This gift is especially helpful for Mediums who are searching for someone.

Clairgustance: To be able to taste something without having it in one’s mouth. This is not a commonly exercised gift, but can be exploited by spirits with mal-intent.


All being said and done, there are a few more types of psychic Mediumship that sort of wrap-up the above listed senses or step outside that definition entirely. Clairsentience is to receive information or impressions using their whole body, just as a “feeling”. Much like a heightened tone of intuition. Also, Clairempathy, or someone who is an Empath, can just pick up the emotions of spirits. They can “feel” angry, or scared, or sad for no apparent reason. Sometimes they can’t even distinguish the spirit’s emotions from their own. It’s much like having the worst mood swings in history.

And then of course there’s Channeling. This is extremely dangerous and we can’t say it enough: DO NOT ATTEMPT this without the direct supervision of an experienced Medium and only after taking the necessary safety procautions. Channels open up their mind and body for temporary possession by Spirits. You can see where this may get dangerous. Spirits who possesses a person can certainly more easily pass messages along, but also may be reminded of the physical control of life and refuse to let go again. Or it may jump into a nearby spectator. This is not a process that is advised or pleasant, so please, do NOT attempt this.

We have fortunately had no need to use the services of a Channel, and intend to keep it that way.

We call ourselves EVP Mediums because we use recorded voices to connect the voices of the dead with the ears of the living. While some would call this practice “blasphemous” or “unholy”, we certainly don’t view ourselves this way. People who condemn something without trying to understand it first are controlled by fear. Fear is the absence of knowledge. Exploring the paranormal is much like exploring the sea: we know there are dangerous entities out there, but there’s also the most beautiful creatures known to exist. Avoid the sharks to see the coral reefs.

To this end, we have a basic principal we try to stick to: we only investigate houses and private residences who are in need of help. Going to well-documented, extremely haunted locations would be much like jumping into chummed-up water without a shark cage. We know there’s spirits who chose not to go into the Light. We know they’re angry and violent. Why would we put ourselves at risk knowing we can’t help them anyway?

Victims of a house haunting are in more direct need of help. They are NOT going crazy, and we WILL believe them. We have a Spiritual Healer and Pastor in our team that has crossed over many souls… and cleaned many houses. By communicating and gathering evidence with the haunting spirits, we can determine what kind of Haunting we are dealing with, and then recommend a course of action.


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